Saturday, February 6, 2010

Write down your goals

One of the first things I learned at Tony Robbin's Wealth Mastery was to write down my goals.  Goals that are written down are much more likely to come true.  This was not a new idea to me.  I have heard this same thing in just about every seminar I have attended.  But have I actually gone home and done it?  Of course not.  Generally speaking, I come home from a seminar pumped up and then proceed to do things the same old way.  I was stuck in the knowing what to do instead of doing what I know.  It sounds similar, but knowing isn't enough.  You have to do.  Action is key.  

Here are some of my one year goals:
Pay down my debt by half
$20,000 in savings
$5,000 to charity
Increase my earnings by 50%
Attend Oneness Blessing in Fiji

What are your goals?  Have you written them down?  How do you know what to strive for if you do not define them?

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